Associate Program Information

The Hyde Park Angels Associate Program is a 12-month comprehensive experience focused on providing Associates with invaluable sourcing, due diligence, deal structuring, financial modeling, market assessment, fundraising strategy, and relationship-building skills to prepare them for a career in venture capital. Their HPA field experience is paired with academic training led by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business Private Equity and Venture Capital Lab.

At the beginning of each year, Hyde Park Angels goes through a rigorous process to select Associates from hundreds of MBA candidates from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. These Associates each support our four specific verticals: Business and Financial Services, Consumer Products and Services, Digital Media and Technology, and Healthcare. Select Associates are promoted to Senior Associates and their experience spans a total of 18 months as they expand their roles and onboard the new Associate class.

While we provide structured onboarding, as well as ongoing education throughout the year, the majority of their skills come from hands-on experience. This real-world experience is both deep and broad. All Associates source, screen, perform due diligence, and support deal closes in their respective verticals. They also work with investors who have domain experience relevant to the deals we evaluate. As a result, our Associates collectively source more than one thousand deals a year, materially impacting the growth of our portfolio.

Associates also have the opportunity to work with our portfolio companies. By matching their unique skills and experience to our portfolio’s needs, they may be assigned to one or two of our portfolio companies, becoming integrated into their operations and providing actionable insights and completing highly desired projects.

In addition to working with our portfolio companies, the Associates work collaboratively with the Hyde Park Angels management team to enhance our business processes, developing new data-based sourcing methodologies, conducting detailed investment and landscape analyses, and using their own generalized and specialized skills to strengthen our team.

Together with their work in the PE/VC Lab, the HPA experience positions our Associates as the most qualified and well-rounded candidates in the venture capital market.


“Participating in the HPA Associate Program gave me the chance to put my investment theses to the test and develop real world sourcing skills that I still use today.” ­–Joanne Chen, Partner at Foundation Capital


“The HPA Associate Program helped me develop the skills and connections I needed to eventually start my own venture capital fund.” –Guy Turner, Managing Director at Hyde Park Venture Partners


“HPA gave me the opportunity to not only understand investment opportunities, but to find how I could excel in the venture community. We truly got “real world” experience and had support from the group. I value the experience and the relationships I have built, which also helped me secure a full time job in venture!” –Alyssa Jaffee, Senior Associate at Pritzker Group

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