Where the Early-Stage Investment Market is Headed According to Investors

In partnership with Visible, a Chicago-based company, we surveyed dozens of top angel investors and venture capitalists from around the world to provide insights into market trends in the early-stage investment ecosystem. As an entrepreneur, understanding the investor perspective puts you in a better position to make smarter business decisions, prepare more effectively for investor meetings and raising capital, and build your business into a truly investable venture. The report focuses on five areas:

1) Investment Competitiveness: How much capital is available for companies looking to raise Seed and Series A rounds?

2) Market Opportunities: Which markets and verticals present the most attractive growth opportunities in the future?

3) Company & Growth Traction: How strong is the growth of companies that investors are evaluating and backing?

4) Valuations & Funding: How are current valuations and investment patterns impacting company fundraising?

5) Exit Opportunities: How active are the IPO and M&A markets and what will the future hold for liquidity events?

Here are a few of the key highlights from the report:

· Investors are most excited about the Enterprise SaaS, the On Demand Economy, and the Health and Fitness industry verticals.

· Seed investment opportunities are growing, but Series A investments are shrinking.

· Investors believe that there will be more capital deployed next year than this year or last, but that over time, investments will contract again.

To access the full report and learn more about the survey methodology, results, and strategies for addressing investor sentiments, visit the official Sentiment Index page.