Announcing New HPA Entrepreneurial Resource Series

Last year, we focused on building a library of resources for entrepreneurs around pitching, term sheets, and cap tables. This year, we have focused on enriching this existing library and adding new resources geared towards exploring the fundamental building blocks of a business, the trends, expert advice, and insights into how to launch and grow an investable business and how to use those investment dollars effectively.

We’ll be exploring these topics further in two educational events this year, “Fund Your Startup through Corporate Sales, Partners, and Investment” and “Attract World-Class Advisors, Board Members, and Investors.” We will also be launching new forms of content later this year, multimedia and otherwise, that address the early-stage market and how entrepreneurs can win within it. You can keep up-to-date on this content launch and the many new and exciting resources we will be adding by subscribing to our newsletter.

Before that launch, however, we’ve put together a collecting of our new and hand-crafted blog series for entrepreneurs. Take a look.

Building Your Business Series
· How to Find the Right Talent to Grow Your Startup
· How to Seal a Venture Debt Deal
· Find the Right Midwest Accelerator to Grow Your Startup
· Understanding Your Cloud Options

Innovation Trends Series
· What We Learned About Emerging Innovation Trends in the Midwest from the Chicago Venture Summit
· The Biggest Opportunities in Food Entrepreneurship and Investing in Chicago
· What We Learned About Innovation Trends from SXSW Interactive
· The Biggest Trends in Angel Investing
· Who Invests in Social Impact

Entrepreneur Essentials Series
· 5 Newsletters Every Entrepreneur Should Read
· Ups & Downs: Predicting the Direction of Your Next Round
· 7 Essential Entrepreneurial Resources to Build Your Startup

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