Partner Information

Industry Partners
Our Industry Partners build strategic relationships with HPA members, other HPA partners and entrepreneurs to contribute to the rapidly growing startup community that is changing the face of business. As a result, they benefit from developing new innovative approaches to their own business, participating in a meaningful way in the entrepreneurial community, and pursuing corporate venturing opportunities. To support these objectives, we provide exclusive programs, education opportunities and curated programs aimed at meeting their core objectives, while plugging them into all HPA activities and the Midwest entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Corporate Sponsors
Our Corporate Sponsors are a central part of our HPA Partner Network, offering entrepreneurs their unique services and resources to help startups grow their companies and achieve success in the market. We divide our Corporate Sponsors into industry verticals. We only allow three partners per vertical to allow our portfolio companies options but also position our Corporate Sponsors as leaders in their fields. We work with them to build relationships with our members, portfolio companies and partners to help them match their solutions with organizations with unmet business needs.

Please connect with the HPA Management team for more information about becoming an HPA Industry Partner or Corporate Sponsor.

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